Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Physics of Rubbish Cheese

I'm not sure where I'd end up come a revolution, but this is the view from where I'm currently sat; a hotel room in Hannover.

I had great fun trying to translate the message this morning. As you might have guessed the three possible translations for quark are the elementary particle, a type of cheese, and a concept that seems to cover nonsense, rubbish and piddling little details. I'm guessing they weren't refering to physics or cheese which leaves the message reading "The revolution is great; everything else is rubbish."

Political messages aside, I'm in Hannover for the kick-off meeting of a new project I'll be working on called ForgetIT; the project is so new it doesn't even seem to have a website I can point you at. I'll get a better understanding of the project over the next few days of meetings, but essentially it's about archiving digital data, taking into account duplication and context, to allow for some things to be forgotten, while ensuring that everything else is preserved with enough context to enable it to be understood if/when it is needed in the future. That of course is an over simplification of around 100 pages of proposal that resulted in the funding being awarded! What makes this project different from the others I've worked on in the past, is that I'm going to be the lead researcher from Sheffield. This is great in that I'll have a bigger say in the direction of some of the work, although I'll also be responsible if it goes pear shaped. Wish me luck?

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Tear-And-Share Cake

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Only In California?