Sunday, 26 September 2010

Penistone's New Market

For good/bad (delete as appropriate) Penistone is now a fully developed Tesco Town. As part of the development though the whole market area is being re-done and this includes the building of a new market hall.

Now when I heard this I assumed it would be some cheep stone/brick affair what I didn't expect was a traditional oak beamed crook barn! Unfortunately due to the safety fence I couldn't get really good photos of the development but if you are interested the company building the hall, Carpenter Oak Ltd, have a really good page showing how the work is progressing.

Once the building is finished, around the end of October, I'll go have a proper look around.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Double Negative, Double Jeopardy

Now I don't really know anything about this death penalty case other than what I've read in the news article. However, I'm tempted to agree that she probably wasn't well defended in the original trial if her lawyer and his staff know as much about the law as they do about the English language. When recently contacted the lawyer's office responded with "He's not making no comment." Personally I think that abusing the English language like that should probably be a crime!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Observational Skills, Or Lack Thereof

We've been living in our new house now for over a year, yet it wasn't until a few weeks ago, when cleaning the bathroom, that I noticed the taps didn't match! For those of you with similar observational skills to me, the tap on the left has a squared end whilst the one on the right is rounded.

We've had a fair number of guests/visitors over the year but I've yet to find anyone else who has noticed that they don't match. I'm guessing that given they work no one has really looked too closely at them.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Code from an English Coffee Drinker

Whilst I know that most of the regular readers of this blog are computer literate I'm acutely aware that most of you are not programmers and are easily bored by some of my posts (like this one and this one). So I've decided to start yet-another-blog so that I can write about software development without driving away those of you who regularly read this blog.

So from now on I'll be blogging my tales in the usual place (i.e. right here) but code will appear on Code from an English Coffee Drinker. I'll still blog here about new pieces of software that I think you will all be interested in, but my new blog will give me a place to write about the underlying code. If software development is your thing, then head on over and have a read.

Friday, 10 September 2010

100% Steril

Spotted in the window of a tattoo parlour in Innsbruck, Austria.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

My E-Mail Is Back!

Finally, just over 48 hours after I last had an e-mail they have started to arrive once more. It looks as if they are trickling in out of order, probably as a backup is restored, but at least now I can send e-mails and receive any news ones.

Of course I've not been distracted by e-mail for two days but I'm sure dealing with all those e-mails will take up quite a bit of today!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Thirty-Six Hours And Counting

It's now been more than thirty-six hours since I last received an e-mail. At first it was quite liberating to not be distracted every few minutes by a new e-mail. Now it's just weird. I think I might actually be suffering from withdrawal. It's getting so bad that instead of checking my e-mail every few minutes I'm checking the Universities computing status page.

Apparently it is now fixed for 80% of staff but I must be in the 20% who won't get e-mail back until at least tomorrow as I still get an error message when I try to connect to the mail server.

Ah well, such is life!