Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Am I Just Unlucky?

I don't think I'm particularly prone to bad luck more than the next guy, which makes me think that amazon.co.uk is having a very bad week.

Over the last two days we should have received three parcels from Amazon. We have Amazon Prime (we order a lot of stuff over the year) which means we have guaranteed next day delivery and the ability to track our parcels. This usually really helpful, but this week it's just been frustrating.

Yesterday I was expecting two parcels, both of which were supposed to be delivered by City Link. When neither parcel had arrived by about 4:30pm I decided to check the tracking website only to find that there were no details after the initial "we have details of your parcel message". I rang City Link only to be told they weren't sure where my parcel was. I decided to give them all the benefit of the doubt and so waited until this morning and then rang again. This time I was told that Amazon had never passed the parcels on to City Link! I contacted Amazon who were very polite and helpful and have replaced the missing orders while apologizing profusely.

I should also have had a parcel today, this time via DPD but yet again by 4:30pm no sign of useful tracking info. Rang DPD and got the same story; they never received the parcel from Amazon. Amazon slightly less helpful this time as they want me to wait until the 6th to see if it turns up -- unlikely if they haven't given it to a courier.