Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Color Hunter

As anyone who knows me is probably aware when it comes to choosing color schemes, don't ask me! I really can't tell when two colors just really do not go together. This has of course resulted in some really bad websites in the past.

So I was trying to alter the template for this blog and was looking for some new colors. Now I'm still not happy with the layout and style but I did come across a really useful website -- Color Hunter.

Color Hunter produces color palettes from images. For example, give it a picture of a sunset and you will get five colors that are predominate in the picture which you can then use as a palette somewhere else knowing that in at least one other place they have been seen together. You can also search using a HTML color code to find palettes that include a given color.

If that was all the site did then it's use would of course be limited. It's one truly clever feature is to let you search by photo tags. So I wanted a color palette that had something to do with coffee, so I search for coffee and I'm now using the colors you see on this site from palette #49310.

I'm still not convinced by the color scheme I chose, but at least now I know where I'll be looking next time I need a color palette!

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