Thursday, 27 September 2007

Audio Described

When I was away last week I took some DVDs with to make sure I wouldn't be bored in my hotel room in an evening. Turns out I was bored anyway at which point I started to play around with the extra features on the DVDs I had with me.

Over the last few years my eyesight has unfortunately deteriorated to the stage where I now need glasses to watch TV (in fact to do most things but that's a different story). I'm not so blind though that I need to use the "Audio Described" soundtracks available on some DVDs. But as I was bored I thought I'd see what an "Audio Described" soundtrack actually sounds like.

The easiest way to describe the soundtrack, is to suggest that you could closes your eyes and have the entire film described to you. It's a bit difficult to explain so as examples here are the descriptions from the "Audio Described" soundtrack on the Music and Lyrics DVD for two of the studio logos:

"Rows of old film studio buildings reflected in a shiny gold surface. As the surface turns it is reveled to be the edge of a shield with the letters W B in it's centre against a blue sky."

"The beam of a lighthouse scans a rocky coast line and a calm stretch of water. The sun rises behind the lighthouse and spreads a golden glow across the sky"

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