Friday, 2 November 2007


Well the house moving is now complete, although most things are still in boxes. Hopefully I'll now be able to get back to more regular blog postings.

Anyway, the new house has a fantastic kitchen the centre piece of which is an AGA. My main problem is I've never cooked with an AGA before and as such I've been a bit apprehensive with cooking, resorting to simple things that can be easily cooked on the 4 gas hobs. I have made use of the roasting oven to cook some frozen dinners from the supermarket, but so far that is as adventurous as I've managed.

I've bought an AGA cook book which should hopefully help me to figure out how to use the thing properly. Of course if any of you have used an AGA before and have any suggestions or tips please leave me comments.
5 November 2007 at 02:17 , Scriptor Senex said...

Sorry, never used an Aga. Looks like you are going to be the experimenter for any future Aga user.

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