Monday, 5 November 2007

Dead As A Dodo

I watched a great programme on extinction last night -- The Dodo's Guide to Avoiding Extinction. Using the tale of the Dodo the programme looked at the extinction of a number of species and what we can learn and hopefully what we can do to stop them occurring. Extinction is a topic I've been interested in before and I have a couple of wonderful books on the topic, A Gap In Nature and Extinct.

The books are really good but it was interesting to see a different take on the same topic, and of course it's much quicker to watch an hour of television than it is to read a thick hardback book (although usually I'd opt for the book).

If you didn't see the programme it seems to be repeated on BBC Four at 2:20am on Friday the 9th of November or you could watch it anytime during the next week through the new iPlayer 7 day catch-up service from the BBC.

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