Sunday, 16 December 2007

Tastes Like Chicken

The phrase "taste likes chicken" has become so overused that it is now more of a cliché than a useful phrase. Having said that we actually had cause to use it yesterday.

For the last three years, just before Christmas, I've cooked a nice meal for a bunch of friends and family, given that I won't see many of them over the Christmas holiday. As most people will have turkey on Christmas day I avoid cooking that, and so try to find something out of the ordinary or different to cook. The first year I roasted a goose, last year I did a mustard and maple glazed roast gammon, and this year I did roast Capon.

Now roast capon tastes almost exactly like roast chicken. Mind you I'm not overly surprised as a capon is actually a chicken. A capon is a castrated rooster, basically a large slightly fatty chicken.

Although it tasted like chicken it was really nice and if I wanted a very large chicken for a meal in future I wouldn't hesitate to buy capon again. If you want to taste roast capon I'd suggest looking at Manor Farm Game from where I bought mine. As the name implies they also sell a lot of other game meat and the website is well worth a look.

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