Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Bled: Day 2

As promised here is a slightly better photo of Bled Castle.

We are staying in the Park Hotel in Bled which is right on the shores of the lake. Between breakfast and the start of today's meetings I went for a short stroll along the lake shore to get a better look at the area and to take a few photos while the weather was so good.

The view from the meeting room is almost the same as this photo, which is a shame given that we end up with our backs to the window all day long. That really sums up my problem with work meetings -- we travel to some really nice places (if you ignore Milton Keynes) and then we are stuck inside all day long and see nothing of the local area. Ah well I suppose I shouldn't complain too much I do get to briefly see the world without paying to travel!

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