Saturday, 5 January 2008

Coffee: Filter Coffee Machine and Espresso Pot

So far we have seen a cafetiere and an espresso machine. Whilst they both make nice coffee they are not very useful when you have lots of people around who all want coffee all the time! For that you need a filter coffee machine. They are easy to use (add coffee and water and leave alone), they keep the coffee hot, and they are easy to clean and refill when the coffee runs out. Again I went for a relatively cheap model, but it works a charm and makes it very easy for me to provide lots of coffee.

The next coffee machine I acquired, an espresso pot, was a present. An espresso pot is the exact opposite of the filter coffee machine in that it makes a single cup of coffee. Unlike the previous ways of making coffee this one is actually quite fun as there is a certain element of having to watch and wait for the coffee to be ready -- mainly so you don't burn the thing dry leaving it on the heat too long. As an added bonus it works quite well on an Aga.
8 January 2008 at 21:55 , Graham said...

I am not a serious coffee drinker although there was a time (until my Secretary at the time - 1974 - banned me from having so many when she married a Naturopath) when I drank large quantities. Come to think of it when I worked for Liverpool Corporation in the mid 60s I always had a Swan Chrome electric percolator on my bookcase. It was still like new (well, almost) when I eventually decided last summer keeping things for sentiment was a unrealistic and turfed it out with most of the contents of the loft. Shame really. You could have started a museum of coffee. Anyway your recent postings have prompted me to use my Espresso Pot for the first time and I have just drunk the results. I obviously used too weak a coffee or used too little because it was actually quite drinkable. You will guess from that that I choose Americano over Espresso; heathen that I am.

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