Thursday, 31 January 2008

Depositing a Cheque

Depositing a cheque at the bank can be time consuming. There is nearly always a long queue. Unfortunately I've never been impressed by the automatic methods of cheque deposit.

Previously automatically depositing a cheque involved filling out a form and then placing it along with the cheque in an envelope and then feeding this into a machine. I preferred to hand the cheque over the counter and get a receipt showing how much I had deposited.

Last time I went to deposit a cheque the queue wasn't just long it was colosal! So with a little trepidation I thought I'd save myself a good half hour by using the machine. Much to my surprise this was actually a fun and easy experience.

I used my bank card like I would in a normal ATM then after entering my pin selected "Cheque Deposit" from the menu. The screen instructed me to insert my cheque into a slot in the machine which I did. It then told me how much the cheque was for (and it got it right) and then gave me a receipt. The receipt is great not only does it tell you how much you deposited but you get a nice copy of the cheque for your records.

Now I know all the technology to do this has been around for a while but this is the first time I've seen everything strung together in such a simple and elegant fashion. It serves the purpose without trying to be too clever. I think in future I'll be using the machine to deposit cheques, it's so much more fun than queuing (even if that is a British hobby).
1 February 2008 at 12:13 , Graham said...

In N Z they have a simple way of 'encouraging' one to use the automatic method - they charge you if you don't. But then I need no encouragement because I'd rather eat a plate of cold overcooked cabbage than queue for anything.

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