Saturday, 12 January 2008

Flapjacks: An Aga Disaster

Given how quickly my flapjacks get eaten I was intending to share the recipe in today's post. Before sharing each recipe with you I've always cooked it one more time to check through every step and to capture a picture. Unfortunately the flapjack recipe will have to wait.

All the Aga cookbooks I've read warn that you can't smell when food is burning in the oven due to the way the heat is vented out the flu rather than into the kitchen. I can now confirm that this is definitely the case.

The Aga in the kitchen has two ovens; one for roasting and one for baking. The roasting oven gets very very hot (think the highest setting on a conventional gas oven) and is ideal for roasting. Unfortunately I can't have been concentrating this morning as I put the flapjacks in the roasting oven instead of the baking oven. When I opened the door 30 minutes later I was met by a large cloud of thick black smoke and a very charred set of flapjacks. Fortunately I was able to rescue the tin in which they were cooking but I couldn't make a second batch as I don't have enough oats in the house!

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