Thursday, 24 January 2008

Meetings Make Me Fat!

Meetings make me fat! We sit around all day and do just two things; talk and eat. Lets take yesterday as a typical example.

Breakfast: I had a cooked breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausages and bacon along with lots of black coffee.

Lunch: A full three course meal served just a few steps from the meeting room. The menu read: Salad from rocket and salmon with virginal oil and balsamic vinegar. Veal Mignon with Mushrooms, croquettes of samolina and bean with sesame. Bavarien cream. (I know some of you may have an ethical objection to veal, as do I, but when the menu doesn't have any options it is eat veal or go hungry).

Dinner: Broccoli soup followed by a local dish that I can't spell or pronounce but was basically a cheese and vegetable stuffed burger that was the size and shape of an omelet.

So in a single day I had a cooked breakfast, a three course meal and a two course meal. No wonder I put on weight during these meetings!

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