Tuesday, 8 April 2008

TV Reception

Sorry for not having blogged recently but we had to move house, again, and so I've been a bit short of time -- especially given that at home I don't yet have an active Internet connection!

Anyway after moving house I set the TV up and left the Freeview box to find the channels. Surprisingly when I got back it had found all 90 available channels. Something I have never seen it do before.

Standing at Penistone train station the following morning though I realised why.

The tall tower in the distance is the Emley Moor transmission mast. Apparently it is the largest free standing structure in the British Isles at 1,084 feet! Given that the roof of the house isn't that much below the level of the platform I'm guessing there is almost direct line of sight between the TV aerial on the house and the top of the mast which would explain the exceptionally good reception.

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