Wednesday, 28 May 2008

1 Taxi, 2 Trains, 3 Planes, 3 Time Zones all in 17 Hours

I'm exhausted but can't sleep. It's 8:30am (ish) local time in Marrakech, Morocco (so 9:30am in England) but that really tells me nothing as I've totally lost track of what time it is. I'm here to attend LREC and present a poster, although I'm hoping to sample the sights and sounds of Marrakech while I'm here.

Anyway the journey was very tirring: it started at 8:30am in the UK and ended about 17 hours later at 1:15am in Marrakech.

I took a train from Penistone to Sheffield. From Sheffield a second train to Manchester Airport where the train driver started the time zone confusion by stating that local time was approximately 11:15am -- I know that Manchester is technically in a different country (Lankarshire -- wrong side of the hills for this Yorkshireman). Then the fun really started...

We took a plane from Manchester to Brussels so we put our watches forward an hour to change time zones. Then another plane from Brussels to Cassablanca where we put our watches back two hours to go into the third time zone of the day. Unfortunately the plane into Cassablanca was a little late so we had to run to catch the final plane of the day from Cassablanca to Marrakech.

While it all seemed to have gone OK, upon arrival in Marrakech the first (and hopefully only) problem raised it's ugly head -- my suitcase was still in Cassablanca! I've been told that it will arrive on the first plane of the day so should be here at around 10am but I'm not holding my breath.

A short taxi ride took us to out hotel and I finally made it to my room about 1am local time (which I think made it about 2am in the UK) and I haven't slept well hence the exhaustion.

Anyway enough blogging it's time for breakfast....

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