Thursday, 16 October 2008

Software Testing: Part 2

Yesterday I told you how important software testing is. Well, last night I got bitten again! The moral of this new problem is:
It doesn't matter how well you test your own code if you don't fully understand the implications of all the third party libraries you use.
I fixed a bug in TagME last night which unfortunately has meant that any existing saved projects cannot be reloaded -- sorry! Hopefully no one has created any serious projects with the application yet and so it won't actually affect anyone.

I've taken the opportunity to fix a couple of other annoying features of the saved projects that I hadn't changed before because I didn't want to break anything. The upside of all this is that the project files are now much easier to maintain, about a third of the size, and contain versioning information so if I need to make changes in the future I should be able to silently upgrade project files as they are loaded.

Anyway a new build of TagME has been made available for those who want it.

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