Saturday, 6 December 2008

201st Post!

I missed that fact that the post on Amazon's new MP3 store was the 200th post I've made on this blog.When I hit 100 posts I took a quick look back at the blog and I thought I'd do the same thing again and see if anything had really changed.

It looks as if the blog hasn't changed much in the last 100 posts, it seems I'm still mostly talking about food (23 posts), photos (57 posts), and strange things I've seen (39 posts).

Also it seems that the posts that garner the most comments are still those about the bits of software I've released, although a random post about plastic cutlery was also quite popular!

Clearly I haven't managed to keep to the one post a day idea as it has now been well over a year since I started but hopefully posts are appearing often enough to keep people interested. I may even try and do two posts today to try and catch up (a little)!

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