Friday, 16 January 2009

Venison Steaks with Pomegranate, Pepper and Cranberry Relish

As well as buying pheasant, partridge, wood pigeon and pies from Manor Farm Game we often buy venison haunch steaks. I've experimented with a number of sauces to serve with the venison but (as often happens) the simplest sauce to make turned out to be the best.

Simply place a large tablespoon of Pomegranate, Pepper and Cranberry Relish (from New England Cranberry) in a small pan with a glass of red wine. Gently heat the sauce until the relish dissolves into the wine.

The sauce is wonderful and as you can tell really easy to cook. Unfortunately I can't seem to find anywhere to buy more of the relish (the shipping means buying direct isn't practical). We bought the original jar from a company that doesn't seem to sell it any more. So does anyone know where I could buy more of this wonderful relish, a similar sounding relish, or does anyone have a recipe for making such a relish?

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