Thursday, 5 February 2009

cookbook: Version History

As with TagME I think the time has come to stop blogging about every little change/improvement I make to cookbook. The number of comments with each successive post has dropped to the point where the last post (announcing v0.2) got no posts at all -- I don't mind but I also don't want to bore you all.

So from now on I'll simply update this post to reflect the new versions. Of course if there are major changes or things I do want to shout about then they will get their own post. So...

v0.6 - 22/02/2009: We now keep a track of the edit history of each recipe by puttig the XML versions and the photos under SVN. This should allow us to look at old versions or roll back should things get messed up.

v0.5 - 19/02/2009: You can now keep up-to-date with new recipes by subscribing to the RSS feed. There have been quite a few other changes behind the scenes that should make page loading faster and lead to new features in the future.

v0.4 - 13/02/2009: You can now customize the ordering of homepage items and give them sensible names. Added a whole bunch of URL rewriting which means images can now be cached better. The major change though is a comment system.

v0.3 - 04/02/2009: The major updates since last time are the ability for each user to set tags separately on the recipes. This should allow for more helpful filtering (i.e. show me all recipes that I tagged with chips). More importantly you can now customise the home page. Basically once you have crafted a suitable filter over the database (I still need good UI support for this) you can add the result to your home page. This allows you to create something similar to the contents page in a traditional cookbook but tailored to your needs.

v0.2 - 01/02/2009: Lots of updates detailed in this blog posting.

v0.1 - 28/01/2009: The first release with style -- detailed in this blog post.

v0.0 - 25/01/2009: The first very basic release, which was discussed in this blog post.

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