Thursday, 5 March 2009

Variance is Intolerable

Most evil sci-fi villains have as their main goal the conquering of the known universe. For some reason the part human part machine villains usually have some form of repetitive mantra that they just can't help repeating over and over again. For example, Doctor Who's nemesis the Daleks go around screaming Exterminate, Exterminate while Star Trek's Borg will tell you that Resistance is Futile whilst trying to assimilate you into the collective.

If a group of evil engineers ever decide to try and conquer the known universe then I think they should go with a phrase I saw in an overview video at work the other day (the video isn't public yet so I can't post it) -- Variance is Intolerable. I can just imagine a crazed engineer slashing away at some defenceless human with a protractor and set square yelling Variance is Intolerable over and over again!

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