Wednesday, 20 May 2009


This afternoon I had a break from working and went into the centre of Milan to visit the Duomo (and to eat ice cream!).

Having read my guide book I already knew that the Duomo is the world's third largest church, behind St. Peter's and Seville Cathedral, but having never visited either of these larger churches I had no idea quite how big the Duomo would be. It is HUGE!

From the outside it is very big, but you get a real sense of just how big when you enter it's cavernous interior. I wasn't allowed to take photos inside but they wouldn't have conveyed the sheer size of the place anyway.

Although I'm not a religious person I do quite enjoy walking around churches and cathedrals, partly due to the sense of calm and tranquillity the hushed atmosphere tends to instil in me but also as they tend to be very interesting buildings and the Duomo was no exception. Of course, the fact that churches tend to be quite cool also meant that it offered a most pleasant rest from the 38C conditions outside!

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