Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Fast Food, Italian Style

On the way back from Milan I ended up at the airport around lunch time and so decided to grab some fast food before the flight.

Usually airports are peppered with the standard mixture of fast food joints often with pride of place given over to McDonald's -- this is certainly the case in Frankfurt. In Milan though things are a little different.

There are quite a few fast food outlets at Milan airport but they tend to focus on fresh sandwiches or pizza. No surprise then that I went for pizza.

The pizza was fantastic (better than Probably the Best Pizza in Milan) and the stall was quite cool too. Unfortunately my camera was packed so all I had was the VGA quality camera (although calling it a camera is stretching the definition a little far) on my mobile phone. Anyway you get the idea -- it looks like any other fast food counter with pictures of the meal variations but unlike most other fast food restaurants serves fantastic food. I know where I'm eating if I'm ever in Milan airport again!
27 May 2009 at 07:55 , GB said...

Yep. Guess I'll do the same. But then as I'm never likely to be in Milan Airport.....

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