Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Big Block of Cheese Day

No I'm not talking about American politics (fictional or non-fictional) but rather a big block of cheese from my freezer.

You may remember that back in November I mentioned that one of my all time favourite desserts eaten in a restaurant is Wensleydale and Ginger Cheesecake. The Hawes creamery provides the recipe so you can cook it yourself but it means finding a rather large (500g) block of Wensleydale Cheese with Ginger. For a month or so I have had just such a chunk of cheese sitting in the freezer waiting for me to have the time to make the cheesecake. So last Saturday was Big Block of Cheese Day.

From prior experience of making cheesecakes I altered the recipe a little and can honestly say that I think it makes a better version than the one in Hawes. If you want to try making the cheesecake yourself then my adapted recipe is in the cookbook and if you can't find the cheese locally you can mail order direct from the creamery.

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