Thursday, 25 June 2009

A Weekend of Fast Cars

As some of you may already know we spent last weekend at Silverstone, mostly to watch the British Formula 1 Grand Prix, but we also saw lots of other very fast, very loud cars tearing around the circuit.

Over the three days we took a lot of photos (more than a 1000) although some of them only show empty track through a combination of fast cars and slow reaction times (ours and the cameras'). There are still a lot of usable photos though so I'm intending to do a bunch of posts covering different sessions from the three days. So that you know what the photos show I'll start with a circuit map. Note that this is actually upside down when compared to the map they show on the TV (I guess this is because of the projection used and the fact that most of the facilities are at the north end of the circuit).

To finish this post I just thought I'd thank Silverstone for the reasonable price of the programme (something I've moaned about before). Whilst the tickets were very expensive the 200 page, full colour, programme was just £10! Now I know it contained some full page adverts but it also contained a whole lot of information on the circuit, team and drivers.

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