Monday, 28 September 2009

Banking Reform

Next to the U-Bahn station at Spichernstraße in Berlin there is a large investment bank. Outside the bank there is a sculpture. Given the way that banks have behaved in recent years I'm thinking that the statue is more than a little insulting to the average man on the street that used to trust the bank with their money.

Of course I could be wrong and the man being kicked off the ladder could be the banker but somehow I think it much more likely that the banker is doing the kicking.

I think that it's actually a really good sculpture I just think it should have been positioned somewhere else. If it truly reflects the mindset of the banking community then we definitely need to push for worldwide banking reform!
28 September 2009 at 21:29 , PinstripeSniper said...

An interesting perspective on the sculpture. I'd be inclined to believe a fair number of bankers/high finance types do feel that way.

How about this fictional method of banking reform.

"PinstripeSniper - A *fictional* blog about a man planning to cap abuses in the financial industries in a very direct way..."

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