Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Bedazzled by the Sweet Sugary Goodness

Periodically (every Thursday, I think) a few market stalls are setup outside Sheffield's City Hall selling local(ish) food. The problem is that they are only just setting up when I pass on my way to work and have nearly all sold up and left when I head home. On the few occasions I've left work early for some reason I've been tempted by one stall in particular but it has never been the right occasion.

Last week the stalls were still there when I left work and I knew that any food I bought would get eaten, so I bought a box of four cupcakes from the Bedazzled Cupcakes stall. Unfortunately two of them got rapidly demolished when I got home and before I'd had time to find the camera! They were absolutely delicious and I wouldn't hesitate to buy more in the future.
3 May 2010 at 21:35 , GB said...

Hmmm. A bit too sweet for me I think.

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