Saturday, 20 November 2010

Vibrating Luggage

Well I'm now safely back in the UK (actually arrived back last night but have need to catch up on sleep). I'll post more about my time in China later but I just wanted to say a quick thank you to Lufthansa for not destroying my luggage.

I checked my suitcase in Beijing for the two flights to Manchester via Frankfurt. About 10 minutes before boarding the plane in Frankfurt I was called to the desk. When I went over I was asked to accompany one of the staff as my luggage was vibrating and they were not willing to put it on the plane until I'd satisfied them there was no security problem. As soon as she said it was vibrating I knew exactly what the problem was; my electric razor. It's not the first time it has accidentally turned on in my luggage but it's definitely the first time it's had airport security worried. So I followed the member of staff into a secure area where my suitcase was sat at the bottom of a set of steps being watched from a distance by a member of the ground crew. I unlocked and opened my suitcase, found the razor and turned it off, which satisfied everyone concerned.

I'm sure if this had happened in the UK the case would have been torn into or blown up just to be on the safe side. So my thanks go to the sensible staff in Frankfurt!

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