Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A Sense Of Scale

I assumed that of the three edible star foods I blogged about, the cupcakes would excite the most interest. Apparently I was wrong. From comments, both on and off the blog, it seems that the cookie Christmas tree was the most interesting, so I thought I'd elaborate a little on it's construction, especially as the photo I posted didn't really give any sense of scale.

We used the Wilton Christmas Cookie Tree Kit to cut out stars of ten different sizes. We actually used two of most of the sizes to build the tree (we only used one of the biggest and some of the smaller stars to make the tree tapper to a point quicker). We also used the cookie dough recipe which came with the kit. Unfortunately the recipe was written in cups and I think I got the conversion wrong as it was so wet we had to keep adding flour for what seemed like ages. Also the cooking times given for the different cookie sizes didn't really match up with reality. Fortunately even with all those problems the cookies turned out to be more than edible!

So here is a photo of a single layer -- in fact the largest star. It measures a whopping 22cm across and weighs just over 12oz! Fortunately cookies, if stored properly, last a while and I'm thinking it's going to take us quite a few sittings to eat our way through this one star.

If you happen to want to add the forensic science touch to your photos then I printed out the measuring corner you can see in the photo from a PDF produced by Steve at Destinys Agent. The PDF is published under a Creative Commons attribution, non-commercial, share alike licence so feel free to have fun with them.

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