Saturday, 30 April 2011

Tiny (8 Bit) Alien

On Good Friday we went out to a concert at City Hall in Sheffield. Given the date I'd forgive you for expecting us to have been listening to some form of religious classical music but that wasn't the case. In fact we spent a wonderful evening listening to Katie Melua.

The concert had originally been scheduled for late December but for some reason the whole tour was rescheduled and the Sheffield date was moved to Good Friday. It was a really good concert, but by far me favourite song of the evening was Tiny Alien. I didn't blog about this before in case any of the numerous cameras in use that night had been used to record the track and then post it to YouTube. So far nothing from the Sheffield concert has turned up on YouTube so you'll have to make do with a rendition from the same tour recorded in Toulouse on the 20th of March.
I am wondering if part of the reason it was my favourite song of the evening was the video backdrop.

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