Friday, 1 July 2011

Driving The Earl

We recently spent five nights on holiday in Shropshire and the Welsh borders. I'm intending to do a few posts on the holiday, but as a taster here is a photo Bryony took of me enjoying Monday afternoon.
2 July 2011 at 11:00 , ADRIAN said...

Mark, I was under the impression that I was following your posts. I am now. If you are ever in Ravenglass then a trip to the signal box at the station will be rewarded with a footplate pass. They don't charge as long as you have a regular ticket.

2 July 2011 at 11:07 , Mark said...

Hi Adrian, you are following some of my posts, I'm just awkward and have more than one blog (four at the last count), and you were following my photo blog. I also have a book blog and one on writing computer software, as well as a website where I publish recipes (you can find them all in the sidebar on this blog).

Thanks for the info about the Ravenglass signalbox. I really do like that railway. When I was a kid we visited the Lakes quite a bit and a trip down the railway was a favorite day out. I was always jealous of the people who were staying at Fisherground Campsite so close to the railway. A few years ago we actually stayed there and close access to the railway was brilliant, unfortunately we miss-timed our holiday and it coincided with half-term so the campsite was overrun with small, loud children. Not quite the idyllic peace and quite I had imagined!

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