Thursday, 6 September 2007

Annual Appraisal

We have unfortunately reached the beginning of a new academic year, and as I work for a University now is also the time for the heart warming Annual Appraisal!

Having to fill out a form detailing the highs and lows from the previous year seems to always leave me with an empty hollow feeling. The form gives me half a page of A4 to review my previous year and says that extra pages can be used although it shouldn't run longer than 2 sides of A4. My problem is that I usually have problems writing 2 lines let alone 2 pages!

I understand the need to check that staff are working and progressing correctly but surely there must be a slightly more humane way of doing it?
7 September 2007 at 08:41 , Graham said...

Ah Mark. The advantages of youth bring with them the tribulations of job creation and justification: job creation by HR and Management Consultants constantly finding new and exciting ways to justify their next fee note or existence. Moi cynical? Never. I managed to retire having refused (despite being part of the Directorate) ever to be involved in an annual appraisal either as an appraisor or an appraisee.

7 September 2007 at 12:32 , Helen said...

I have the opposite problem. My list of achievements can only stretch to one page. This would be fine if the list of achievements didn't have to correlate with last years list of objectives. Sadly I have only achieved a couple of those so mine looks like a list of failures with my main achievements squashed into the box at the bottom. Sob.

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