Tuesday, 1 July 2008

The Temple of Kali

You may remember that a while back I mentioned that I had pre-ordered a copy of Lego Indiana Jones for the Wii. Well it was released, arrived and I've played it quite a bit. It really is a fantastic game and may even be better than Lego Star Wars (which I thought would be impossible). I have, however, found a bug in the game which I though would be worth blogging about to save others the hassle of trying to figure out why they don't seem to be able to complete one of the rooms.

Level 3 of Temple of Doom is set in the Temple of Kali. The second room you enter contains the sacrificial pit with Willie suspended just above the surface of the lava (or whatever the hot swirly stuff is). The aim of the room is to rescue Willie by defeating the level boss Chatter Lal. Now it turns out that there is an expected way of defeating Chatter Lal, namely: punch him twice, then activate the two Thuggee statues to leave him nowhere to stand and then punch him twice more. Unfortunately it is possible to punch him often enough to remove all his hearts (and hence kill him) without activating the statues -- DO NOT DO THIS! If you kill him without using the status then he will die but the end of level sequence isn't triggered meaning there is no way for you to ever complete the room and move on to the next section of the level. The only way out is to quit and start the Temple of Kali level again from the beginning.

Given how much Chatter Lal jumps around I assume none of the testers ever managed to kill him without the help of the Thuggee statues and so this bug was never spotted. I was only (un)fortunate enough to find it as he seemed to get trapped against the statues by Short Round who just kept hitting him until he was dead. I wonder if the same bug is present for any of the level bosses where you are expected to do something other than just hitting them to defeat them? Also is the same bug present in the other versions of the game for other consoles than the Wii?

An annoying bug (especially as I find jumping across the spinning towers in the first room of the level tricky enough that I didn't want to have to repeat it) but not enough to ruin a very enjoyable game. Hopefully I won't find any more bugs but if I do I'll let you all know.
22 November 2010 at 02:49 , Jo Jupiter said...

Thanks for this! I was having the same problem, and now I know why.

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