Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Allergy Advice

Take a moment to look at this food label (if your eyesight is poor click on it for a larger version).

Do you see any problems with this label? As a nut allergy sufferer I'm a little bemused by the fact that it states both Recipe: No nuts and Factory: No nuts yet lists Pine Nuts in the ingredients.

Now I know that technically speak Pine Nuts are not nuts they are seeds. Having said that Peanuts are also not nuts (they are in fact legumes) yet everyone would expect peanuts to trigger a "recipe contains nuts" warning.

It is worrying that the label is misleading. Fortunately I'm not allergic to pine nuts but interestingly the Food Standards Agency suggests that if you are allergic to other nuts then you should avoid eating pine nuts so the omission of a warning on this label is very strange.

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