Friday, 31 October 2008


No I'm not talking about the three legged object to which you attach a camera (although if you travel a lot then I'd recommend a Gorillapod).

I've recently been volunteered to be the research groups seminar organiser. Every week the Natural Language Processing (NLP) group holds a meeting and we try to ensure that we have a talk as well. Sometimes people from the group speak and other times we invite people from other universities or from industry to come and speak to us.

The head of the research group recently changed and the person who had been organising the seminars left. So now I' have the job of organising the talks. If you happen to work in NLP and would like to come talk to us in Sheffield, please let me know!

Anyway last weeks talk was about the TRIPOD project. The work being done in Sheffield concerns trying to automatically label photos given their geographical location. Given my recent work on TagME I found the talk very interesting. So interesting in fact that TagME might get some automatic photo labelling facilities at some point in the distant future.

If you are interested in the details then both the slides and a research paper are available.

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