Saturday, 6 June 2009

Deadly or Not?

I had always thought that Nightshade was a relatively small plant with nice blue/purple flowers. I was a little surprised, therefore, when gardening last weekend to find that the huge shrub at the back of the garden which was covered in small purple flowers appears to be some form of Nightshade.

Now I'm assuming it is not the deadly variety but anyone know which variety of Nightshade can become an 8 foot tall shrub?
7 June 2009 at 17:08 , Scriptor Senex said...

Yes, I have the same one - Solanum 'Glasnevin'. It's beautiful and flowers year after year. See Pensby et al.

8 June 2009 at 17:32 , Mark said...

Thanks! I really do like it and now I know what it's call I may even add it to the list of plants I'd like to have in the garden when we move house.

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