Thursday, 11 June 2009

Rain Is No Excuse For Bad Grammar

We have had a lot of rain in Sheffield, so much so that it made the national news. It certainly isn't as wet as it was back when we had serious flooding in 2007 (see my previous post if you want the details) but I honestly don't think I've ever seen such heavy rain before.

I catch the train to and from work and given the heavy rain they kept playing the same safety announcement over and over again at Sheffield railway station:
This is a safety announcement. Due to today's wet weather please take extra care whilst on the station. Surfaces may be slippery.
Now I know the weather was horrible but that really is no excuse for such bad grammar. You can be in the station or on the platform but you cannot be on the station in the same way that you couldn't be in the platform.

I know that my grammar (and spelling) is far from perfect but some examples of bad language are so obvious that they really get to me!

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