Sunday, 16 August 2009

Dining in the Dungeon

Whilst sorting through some photos yesterday I realised that I never finished blogging about our honeymoon last year, so expect a number of posts over the next few days while I finish doing the posts that I had mostly finished writing a year ago.

The first hotel we stayed at on honeymoon was Dalhouise Castle. Any good castle should have a dungeon, but how many of them have a dungeon which is now used as a dining room?

When dining in the dungeon restaurant you first take drinks in the library while perusing the menu then you are led down the dark, narrow steps into the dungeon. At night the restaurant is lit mainly be the candles on the tables. It really is a very interesting place to have dinner!

We didn't want to break the atmosphere by taking photos when there were other people dining so we snuck in just after lunch one day (the restaurant is only open for dinner). To our surprise we found that the lights were mostly on and so it was actually quite easy to move around and take photos. We did get a nasty shock though when the maitre d' silently appeared behind us. Fortunately he didn't want to string us up by our toe's from the rafters but actually offered to let us choose which table we wanted to sit at that evening.

You don't have to be staying at the hotel to have dinner in the dungeon so if you are ever in the area I'd certainly recommend booking a table.

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