Thursday, 20 August 2009

Tweet, Tweet

I'm not a fan of all the social networking sites that seem to be so popular with everyone from lonely teenagers to top level management with nothing better to do then twitter all day. Whilst I haven't signed up to any of these sites I have just posted my first tweet.

To try and raise the profile of the GATE group, GATE now has accounts on both Twitter and Facebook (I refuse to create an account on Facebook so don't expect to see me on there) and we are being encouraged to use them to inform the community about our work. Not sure how often I'll tweet (I'm told that it should be about once a week) but you'll know that the tweets are mine as they will end [MG].

24 August 2009 at 08:39 , GB said...

I joined Facebook to try and keep up with various people but never have the time. I really wonder how some people manage. But then I email a lot which probably takes even more time. As I am more likely to understand Serbo-Croat than JASC talk I may pass on a visit to Twitter

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