Monday, 24 August 2009

The War of the Roses

No I didn't spend the weekend re-enacting a 15th century dynastic civil war or watching a 1989 Michael Douglas film, I actually spent a very pleasant day at Headingly Cricket Ground watching the final day of the 249th Roses Match between Yorkshire and Lancashire.

We arrived in plenty of time as we needed to sort out the tickets on the day -- Dad is a member of Yorkshire County Cricket Club and had vouchers for free tickets which Bryony and I used and then we had to get an extra ticket and temporary members pass to get Mum in as well. Once we were all inside the ground we went straight to the members area to find a seat. Here is the view from the seat I sat in all day.
As we had arrived quite early we saw both teams warming up, which as well as lots of work with cricket bats and balls involved a quite violent game of 5-a-side football from Yorkshire and a game of rugby from Lancashire that seemed to have even fewer rules.

Play got under way on time with Yorkshire finishing off their first innings. Lancashire then came in to bat for their second innings. Given that quite a lot of play had been lost earlier in the game due to bad weather it was very unlikely that the game would end with anything but a draw but that didn't stop the players trying hard to score runs and to take wickets. Unfortunately the Yorkshire fielders dropped at least two catches during the day and at 5pm the match was declared a draw.

This was the second sporting event we have been to this year after having attended the Formula 1 race at Silverstone. Both completely different, both very good in their own way, although the cricket was easier to photograph!
26 August 2009 at 07:49 , GB said...

As a former member of the Lancashire County Cricket Club.....

I see that it was a very popular and well-attended event!

We could both agree that it was a Good Ashes result though.

26 August 2009 at 07:55 , Mark said...

Yeah a very good ashes result. They kept annocing the score all day long to keep everyone up to date and it was on the TV in the members room.

It was actually quite full, but bizarrely there is a whole set of seats that they don't open up unless they are expecting a capacity crowd (I assume it requires less staff) and that happend to be directly opposite us and so all the photos have a background of empty seats!

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