Thursday, 7 January 2010

Penistone Starves: An Update

Well it sounds as if at least one delivery lorry made it to Penistone with some bread yesterday. Apparently the problem is panic buying as well as delivery problems. It was enough of a problem to make the local news (if you prefer reading your news then try this article).

This news story was then picked up by the local newspaper, the Barnsley Chronicle, which isn't published until Friday. So how do I know they were working on a story? The answer, about 4pm yesterday I got a call from a journalist. Apparently having seen the news article she went hunting on Google for any further details she could find and out of the whole web happened upon my posting from yesterday. So I had a ten minute chat with a nice sounding journalist about what I'd seen and overheard in the shops and so might be quoted in her story when it appears in the paper.

I was intending to make sure I walked up to the centre tomorrow to find a copy of the paper but I now seem to have come down with some horrid vomiting/diarrhea bug and so don't want to stray too far from the house. And to top it all off the boiler seems to have given up. It heated the radiators this morning but when I went to switch it onto constant it wouldn't light up. Someone is coming to look at it later today but he has already warned me that getting parts might be tricky as, yes you guessed it, getting deliveries into Penistone is proving difficult!
7 January 2010 at 15:36 , Rob said...

Sorry, what's the problem? According to that news report "Customers brought extra supplies" quite the opposite of panic buying to my ears!



7 January 2010 at 16:10 , Mark said...

True, I personally wouldn't use the phrase panic buying but that seems to be the general consensus of what happend -- 17 loaves of bread is a bit excessive just for stocking up, I can't imagine it all gets eaten/frozen before it goes moldy.

Hopefully my Tesco delivery will arrive as scheduled on Saturday and then at least we will be fine.

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