Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Back Fence

It is about 9 months since we moved house and for the first time last week I managed to get all the way to the fence at the end of the garden!I could see the steps leading up the slope through a lot of sharp, spiky shrubs but had no real idea what was right at the back.

We both took last week off work and for once the good weather coincided with us having time to do some gardening. So I spent quite a bit of time hacking a way through the shrubs so that I could follow the steps. It turns out that there is a two to three foot clear strip behind the shrubs before you get to the fence so the garden is even longer than we initially thought. We still have no firm idea of what we are going to do with the sloping part of the garden but at least we now have a much better idea of what plants are already there and how much space there actually is.

I would show you some more photos of the garden, but unfortunately they are still on my main PC which is currently in bits -- I was happily using it yesterday when it suddenly switched off, I think the power supply has blown but I'm hoping I borrow one from work to be sure before buying a replacement.

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