Monday, 21 December 2009

MAG's 2009 Christmas Quiz

Given that we knew there wouldn't be a JAD's Christmas quiz this year I've spent some of the last twelve months thinking of fiendishly difficult quiz questions for everyone else to have a go at. Unfortunately I only managed to come up with 10 questions instead of 20 but hopefully you will find them challenging and enjoyable.

Please don't post answers to the questions in the comments as that spoils it for everyone else. Details of how to submit entries to the quiz can be found in the PDF version of the quiz but for those who just want the questions they are:
  1. Which Rumour returned to the BBC after 12 years?

  2. Connect 1885, 1955, 1985, 2015

  3. If the mouse is purple, the goldfish blue and the scorpion orange then what colour are the dove, peacock and cow?

  4. Johnson's Dictionary, the four minute mile, Kew Gardens, and fourteen others.

  5. Play fair and give the inventor his due!
    I T A Y
    T R H A
    C M W O
    K R W S
    U S T R
    E G W U

  6. Identify
    1. A Soho 'Lady'
    2. A Lonely Spinster
    3. A Schoolboy's Crush
    4. A Flame-Haired Seductress

  7. Connect and explain
    1. Jahnna N. Malcolm
    2. P.J. Tracy
    3. Zizou Corder
    4. M. M. Mannon

  8. Connect
    1. Claudia, Jed, Leo, Josh and Donna
    2. Malcom, Zoe, Hoban, Inara and Jayne
    3. Sydney, Arvin, Marcus, Marshall and Jack
    4. Brian, Sandra, Gerry, Jack and Esther

  9. If hares can run at 10 m/s, tortoises can only walk at 10 cm/s and a snail moves at just 1 cm/s what is the minimum time the hare must have slept for the tortoise to win a race of 3 km?

  10. Why might turning through 360 degrees not be enough to keep you facing in the same direction?

Hopefully you will all enjoy having a go at the questions. The closing date is midday on the 4th of January 2010 and as I said before the submission instructions are in the printable PDF version.


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