Sunday, 21 March 2010

Contains: Nuts

As a nut allergy sufferer (see here and here for previous posts on the subject) one of the most difficult things to eat is chocolate. It seems that chocolate is easy to contaminate; I was once ill having eaten a Boost bar which according to the ingredients list doesn't contain nuts and I've eaten them many times before and since that instance.

Even more difficult than eating bars of chocolates is choosing from a box of chocolates. Fancy chocolates, such as those from Thorntons or Hotel Chocolate, are lovely but it can often be difficult to work out which is which and there have been a number of occasions where I've had to spit out a half-eaten chocolate -- not something I like doing in polite company!

With individually wrapped chocolates, such as Roses or Quality Street, the colour of the wrapper makes it easy to work out what you are eating if you have the box to read, but I can't just randomly grab a chocolate.

It would seem that Cadbury have finally got smart and started printing warnings on the wrappers of each individual Roses chocolate. Not only are they warning about nuts but also milk and soya which is great. Even better they are not being paranoid and printing the nut warning on every chocolate just on those that should contain nuts. So now I don't need the box to work out which ones I can safely eat.

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