Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Street View, Again

The day we moved house last year I saw a Google Street View car in Penistone. We actually followed it into Wentworth Road where we used to live. Given that the street is a cul-de-sac I knew it would have to turn around and drive past us so I stood by our car (the red Fiesta) at the road side and waved as it drove past -- sad I know!

It seems that the pictures they took that day have finally gone live. Unfortunately they have used the photos they took when driving into the street not out and so my second appearance on Street View is even more tenuous than my first.
If you need help spotting me then I'm sat in the passenger seat of the white van right back down the road -- told you it was tenuous. If you want to play with the live data then just click the image to open Street View at the same scene.

It looks as if they have now completed an almost complete survey of the UK; so far I've checked Penistone, Leeds, Formby, The Wirral, Exeter, Lewis and Skye and they all have comprehensive coverage.

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